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Extreme Medicine Hackathon

Monday 26 October 2015, London

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Our aim is to help save lives

Now in its fourth year, the World Extreme Medicine conference challenges thinking, builds bridges and shares new and more effective approaches to medical practice in the world’s most remote and austere locations. It's recognised for its world-renowned speakers and its authoritative and innovative content, as well as for the contribution it makes to the sharing of best practice in extreme medicine across the world.

The Challenges

This hackathon is being run in response to the three main themes of the Extreme Medicine Conference - mass emigration from Syria, the earthquakes which affected Nepal & Chile and the Ebola outbreak.

Communication Challenge

How do we improve communication in areas with limited network capabilities to improve access to medical resources?

In an area affected by an earthquake, one of the primary impediments is the lack of available power or connectivity. Where there is mass immigration, there is an overwhelming demand for resources with challenging language barriers. Finally, in countries which faced an Ebola outbreak, patients are quarantined, where no paper can pass in and out of the area. These are all challenges to bear in mind when thinking of ideas.

Portable Diagnosis Challenge

Can you create an autonomous portable diagnostic tool for ECG, Blood Pressure and SATS to aid patient transfers?

Whether monitoring soldiers on the battlefield or injured patients during transfer, ongoing knowledge of the patients 5 basic parameters is imperative for effective diagnosis and treatment. A small wearable and wireless device which can transmit patient details of respiratory rate, oxygen saturations, temperature, systolic blood pressure and pulse rate over a distance would be invaluable.


Applications for our technical network have now closed. However, we're accepting up to 10 UCL students to also attend.

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Code of Conduct

All attendees, staff members, sponsors and volunteers must agree to our Code of Conduct. It's split up in to five simple and easy to understand points. If you have any questions, please do get in touch. Click any point for more information.




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